Cat Visits a Neighbor for a Daily Dose of Love, Cuddles, and a Bit of Food

Cats are usually thought of as cold creatures that don’t show love and don’t like receiving it. However, that’s not entirely true. While they can be cold, they want and need all the affection they can get. At least Mama the cat does, asking her neighbor for pets and cuddles and a bit of food every day.

A cat called Mama has been making regular daily trips to the next door neighbor every day. For a reason, of course. Or better yet, reasons. Mama has realized that whenever she walks to the neighbor’s door she gets cuddles and a bit of food. It was a bit strange in the beginning, but has became a daily routine for both.

A Daily Ritual

A day doesn’t pass by without a visit from Mama. The cute white kitty visits the next door neighbors expecting pets and food, and she gets both. It’s not just Mama that loves it. The neighbor doesn’t mind the visits at all, cuddling with the cat and feeding it straight from his hand.

It’s a daily ritual from both that takes place in the afternoon. Whenever the cat comes by the big window, she knocks on it to attract her neighbor’s attention. He then comes out for some cuddles and gives it some food in the end. Why stop the visits when the cat gets proper attention and food too? It’s a love story that will continue forever.