Cat Who Lived In Cardboard Box Finally Finds One Person Who Loves Her

This is truly one awesome story! When Marcy the cat’s family were evicted just last summer, they moved away and decided to leave her behind. Luckily, she found shelter in an old cardboard box in the neighbors yard and had made it her home. When Rebecca McGinn was there visiting her brother, he told her about the cat that had been living in his yard. As soon as she saw Marcy, Rebecca simply knew she was taking her home.

“I decided to adopt her because she was living in a soggy cardboard box,” stated Rebecca.

Marcy was in pretty horrible condition when Rebecca first took her in and after a trip to the vets it was determined that she had eye issues, worms, pneumonia and also a lung infection. Just about everyone knew that Marcy’s road to recovery would be a long one but Rebecca was just pleased to get her home. She settled in immediately, curled up and literally slept for days.

After everything this poor kitty had been through, Marcy was so happy to finally have soft cuddly places to curl up in and is now addicted to all things cuddly. What a great women who rescued her!