The Pandemic Has Been Hard on Cats – According to Vets, Their Owners Staying Home All Day Long is Stressing Them Out

The CO**D pandemic has destroyed our lives in many ways. Apart from the fact that there’s a deadly virus lurking behind every corner, it’s also affecting our social lives. And it’s not just for us. Apparently, it’s affecting cats as well, with vets confirming that cats have higher levels of stress over the past year or so.

Due to the pandemic, nearly everyone is working from home. While initially we thought otherwise, it seems that cats are suffering because of it. Vets have seen an increasing number of cats with blocked bladders in males and cystitis in female cats over the past year and a half which have been linked to heightened stress.

Give Your Pet Some Space

Due to the higher stress levels, vets now recommend giving cats space. With many of us still working from home, moggie owners should leave food and water near quiet spaces where the cats hide to relax. Any change in a cat’s routine has the potential to cause a lot of stress. They are creatures of habit, so it’s safe to say that they don’t really like changes, especially big ones like the one caused by the co*ona*irus.

According to animal behaviorists, cats need a lot of space and some time alone. Dogs are completely different, but when it comes to cats, you need to let them have their own space. If your cat is suddenly suffering from unclear symptoms, it may be overstressed, so make sure not to have it around you all the time. Just let it enjoy time outside on the porch or under the bed – it’s how it calms down.