Cats Learn That Their Mom Is Pregnant and Want Instant Cuddles. Who Says Cats Aren’t Emotional?

For decades, we’ve all been taught that cats are cold and heartless. However, the truth is something entirely different. If you want more proof of it, just check out the video below.

Pregnancy is one of the best periods in a woman’s life. Preparing for it is pretty tough, but it’s a blissful moment that touches a family deeply. When talking about family, we mean the pets too. Just take a look at these pets. They just learned that their mom is pregnant, and the first thing they did is cuddling with her like never before.

Cats can sense when people are pregnant. While they cuddled with their mom before, the sentiment now is different. It seems that everyone in the house is excited, and it’s clear that cats make everything much more enjoyable.

Watch the video below and don’t hold back the tears of joy.