Celebrating Cat Day 2021 – Signs That Show You’re a Cat Person

Everyone in the world is either a cat or dog person. There’s a heated debate over which pet is better and has more fans on its side. If you’re like us, we’re Team Cat. Sorry, dogs – it’s nothing personal.

August 8 was is celebrated as International Cat Day every year. To be honest, we celebrate the full month of August as Cat month. This year, we have a fun guide for you in honor of that day (or month). Below you can see the biggest signs that show you’re a cat person.

Your Phone Has Nothing but Cat Pictures

Is your phone full of cat pics and nothing else? That’s a pretty big sign that you’re a cat person. If no other things excite you on camera except for cats, it’s clear which corner you’re in.

You Love Cuddling with Your Feline

Do you love cuddling with your cat more than anything else? We’re not judging – we do the same. A cat that loves cuddling with you is bestowing the highest honor, and an obvious sign that you’re a cat fan.

You Choose Cats Over Dogs

If you always choose cats over dogs when asked to pick, it’s clear that you’re a cat person.

You Talk to Your Cat Like a Buddy

Do you talk to your cat like it’s a close friend? They may look like they ignore you, but it’s only because they choose so, not that they don’t understand.

You Know that You Must Follow Feline Rules

Cats aren’t dogs. If you don’t play by their rules, you’ll suffer. If you find yourself following those rules non-stop, you’re a cat person.