Confused Mom Can’t Get Her Baby to Stop Crying in the Crib, but the Cat Surely Knows What to Do

Getting a baby to sleep in its crib can be a painful job at times. Babies need to be completely relaxed in order to go to sleep, and for that, cats can help. They’ve been known to reduce stress and help humans relax, and apparently, some of them can even put babies to sleep.

A recent viral video caught a family cat lulling a baby to sleep. It was uploaded by the baby’s father. The baby named Connar is obviously having trouble sleeping and the mother is at wits end over what to do. Then the cat steps in and saves the night.

A Gentle Stroke

The family cat Stewie can be seen on the video gently stroking Connar’s hair. The baby initially continues crying, but after a while, it falls asleep. It seems that Stewie really has the magic touch and will be of great help to the new mom and dad.

Take a look at some pics and the original video of the unusual situation: