Cute Cat with Unusual Hanging Tongue is Taking Over the Internet Like a Storm

We’ve seen all kinds of unusual cats over the years online. Some are extra fluffy, others have a cute disability or birth mark, and then there’s Ikiru with a hanging tongue. An Exotic Shorthair cat from Yorkshire, the cat is perfectly fine. He was born like that with a unique face and has recently taken over the Internet by storm.

A Viral Sensation

Ikiru’s parents, Rich and Emma, love their unique kitty. They recently decided to share pics of him online, and it didn’t take long for the hanging tongue to go viral. Ikiru makes funny faces all the time, and that’s exactly why the Internet loves him.

And who can hate that face? The hanging tongue is truly unique, and so are the eyes. While he looks unusual, he’s perfectly healthy. As a matter of fact, he has quite strong and healthy teeth. He’s energetic and in shape according to Rich and Emma, so his facial expressions are not a result of a disease or condition.

He was picked up from a breeder’s website, and Rich and Emma fell in love with him right away. After settling in, they created him a special Instagram account, and thousands of followers subscribed.

Other than the funny face, Ikiru is loving, a bit grumpy, and affection – just like any other cat. He’s already inspired plenty of fan art, and we can’t wait to see what the Internet comes up with based on Ikiru next.