A Litter of Kittens Saved from Freezing to Death Have Blossomed Into the Cutest Possible Pets

Virginia’s winters are long and harsh. An ice layer covers the land each winter and that was the case last year too. One woman wasn’t surprised an ice layer was formed in her backyard, but she was shocked to find what’s underneath it. She was that it looked a bit of strange only to find a litter of five kittens shrouded in the thin layer of ice. Their mom was nowhere to be found, so if she hadn’t acted fast, they would have died for sure.

Luckily, they were still alive when she found them. Tiny like popsicles, she scooped them up and took them to a vet immediately. They were put in foster care and warmed up, and since they were tiny, they needed a lot of love. The kittens were fed around the clock, and it didn’t take long before they recovered.

Being just a few days old, the staff at the shelter paid special attention to their needs. But, the litter did just fine, and it was only a few weeks before they were introduced to social media. They gave them names after famous drinks – Jameson, Kahlua, Jager, Hennessy, and Morgan.

The kittens did great after opening their eyes, but just like most abandoned kittens, the health of Kahlua and Jager started deteriorating soon. They had diarrhea and were feeling bad, but thanks to medications, their tummies went back to normal. All of the kittens were luckily fine.

It would be almost three months before they found their forever homes. Kahlua and Hennessy were adopted as a pair, Jager went alone, and Morgan and Jameson were also adopted together. Their journey could have gone another way, but luckily, they were thawed and saved in the nick of time.