Disabled Kitten Siblings Once Again Show How Powerful Love Is

The disabled cat you can see in the pictures is called Able Maew. She was living on the streets of Lat Prao in Thailand for a couple of years. Life on the streets is dangerous, and one day, Maew was involved in a bizarre accident which left him without his two front legs. The poor kitty survived, but had to learn how to walk again. Luckily, kind people saved it and gave it the love and support Maew needed.

AYears after the accident, Maew is an Instagram sensation. The cat has over 145,000 followers on Instagram.

Able Maew’s accident nearly left him to die, but the kitty overcame that with the power of love. Despite his disability, the cat was taken in by a local woman who nursed him back to health. She raised money for surgery and gave him the best care possible. It took 5 years for Maew to go adapt to the new situation, but he’s finally in great shape.

Able is living with a sister whose back legs are paralyzed. Despite their obvious setbacks, they are both very happy kitties. They play together all day long and act like all cats, showing that with love and care, anyone can overcome anything.

Take a look at the siblings in action: