Discovering My Little Kitten Abandoned on the Roadside

A Heartwarming Rescue: Valia’s Tale

In the warmth of Greece, Valia stands out as a beacon of compassion, her heart beating in unison with the many paws she has sheltered. This devoted animal enthusiast, whose life is a chronicle of kindness, has given many stray dogs a temporary home and a new lease on life.

A Serendipitous Discovery

One sweltering afternoon, fate led Valia to a lone kitten, abandoned in a plastic pot by the roadside, with the unforgiving sun overhead. Valia’s soul is woven with an innate desire to rescue; understanding the silent pleas of the helpless, she’s compelled to act, offering sanctuary to those in need. With no hesitation, she brought the fragile kitten into her bustling abode, already a haven for five dogs and two cats.


This tiny feline required immense care, yet Valia found the time to nurture him amidst her packed routine. Under her watchful eye, the kitten began to flourish, gradually learning to navigate the world on his own.


A Bittersweet Decision

The kitten, whom Valia affectionately named Rudi, quickly carved a niche in her heart. However, integrating Rudi with his new canine and feline housemates proved challenging. The dogs were indifferent, the cats less than welcoming, leaving Rudi in a shroud of solitude.

Valia’s love was boundless, yet she recognized that Rudi craved a companionship she couldn’t provide. Resolving to fulfill his needs, she brought him to a cattery, where Rudi discovered the joy of play and social interaction. Despite her anxiety, akin to a parent on the first day of school, Valia left reassured, her decision cementing her selfless love.

Rudi, now a part of Valia’s extended family, faced another hurdle: a diagnosis of ataxia, a neurological condition affecting his coordination. Unfazed, Valia’s affection only grew stronger, proving that love truly knows no bounds.

Discover more about Rudi’s journey and witness his inspiring resilience in the video below.