Dog Mourns Feline Friend, Thus His Owner Surprised Him With Another Kitten!

Although we consider them mortal enemies, some cats and dogs are actually friends. Such is the case of Forsberg, a golden retriever, and Ginger, an orange-colored cat. These friends have been together for quite a long time and in their senior years, they loved lazing out in their home and cuddling on the couch. However, everything went south one day, when the 15-year old Ginger suddenly passed away.

This came as a complete shock to Forsberg. He no longer had a friend running around. The cat was suffering from thyroid cancer and passed away quickly. Forsberg didn’t understand what happened, so he wandered the house every day looking for Ginger. Sadly, he was nowhere to be found and Forsberg eventually became depressed.

Jen Philion, the dog’s owner, says that she hated seeing Forsberg in that state, so she decided to get him a new friend.

Maxwell is a tiny black playful kitten who bonded with Forsberg as soon as she entered her new home.

Now, Forsberg and Maxwell cuddle all day long on the same couch Ginger slept. 2 years after the adoption of Maxwell, the cat and dog have become inseparable.

This is a true example that cats and dogs can love each other and be best friends forever.