Elderly Woman’s Dying Wish Comes True with a Basket of Kittens

What do you envision when pondering happiness? For many, it’s quality time with family, the tranquility of nature, or engrossing oneself in a gripping novel. In Carol Heizman’s case, a cat enthusiast from Missouri, delight arrived in a basket teeming with kittens. It was her ultimate wish, one that Groves Community Hospice workers in Kansas City were eager to fulfill.

A Cat Lover’s Dream Comes True

Carol’s passion for cats was well-known. As she found solace in the hospice, the staff realized they had a unique mission: to celebrate her love for felines. This led them to collaborate with Great Plains SPCA, who were delighted to contribute by bringing in five kittens for her to caress and cherish.

A Heartwarming Visit

The kittens, a delightful medley of ages and colors, were warmly received by Carol. Her face lit up with joy as she watched the adorable furballs frolic in an oversized wicker basket. Each kitten, swaddled in a baby blanket, was handed to Carol who embraced them warmly. To her amusement, one adventurous kitten even paraded across her shoulders.

woman with kittens

“Happiness Is” Project: Fulfilling Simple Wishes

The visit formed part of the hospice center’s innovative “Happiness Is” initiative, aimed at realizing the humble dreams of their residents. Rhonda Sullivan, community relations coordinator for GC Hospice, shared that most of the wishes were modest ones, like a resident’s longing to hear classical piano music.

Kittens’ Visit Captures Hearts Online

The touching encounter was filmed and shared on the SPCA’s Facebook page, swiftly gaining popularity. The video has accumulated over 63,000 views, touching hearts globally. Responding to viewers’ inquiries about the kittens’ adoption, SPCA confirmed their availability for adoption once they reach eight weeks old.

By delivering on Carol’s wish, the Groves Community Hospice and SPCA demonstrated the potential of simple acts of kindness in spreading joy and comfort. This beautiful incident not only underscores the love for pets but also highlights the power of fulfilling simple wishes, adding happiness and comfort to people’s lives, especially in their twilight years.