Elderly Woman’s Last Wish Was To See Her Best Friend To Say Goodbye

Photos were shared on Imgur with the following caption: “Her dying wish was to see her best friend Oliver the cat one last time to say goodbye.”

In one of the photos, you can see an elderly woman and beside her – a ginger cat on a hospital bed and they seem to be asleep. According to the woman’s grandson, in the very last hours of her life, she just wanted to see and hold her best friend, whose name is Oliver – just one more time.

The staff-members at the hospital knew that the woman a mere few days left to live, and so, they allowed the family to bring the cat to say goodbye. Oliver the cat seemed to somehow sense that his beloved human was nearing the end. He absolutely would not stop cuddling her and looking at her with a worried expression.

The smile on her face, however, made it perfectly clear that her kitty was surely bringing some comfort in her final moments.

We hope that Oliver and his human will be reunited someday once again – in the future.