Everyone Ignores a Funny Looking Cat Until a Loving Person Finds the Love Underneath the Façade

Since our earliest days, our parents have taught us no to judge books by their cover. No matter how anything or anyone looks, it’s what underneath that counts. That’s the story we have for you today. A poor kitten with a funny look couldn’t find an adopter until one person saw what lies underneath and fell in love with it.

Tiny Zeke is suffering from hydrocephalus. He was brought to the Kaley’s Place Rescue center after his birth and it was immediately clear that adoption will be a problem. Zeke’s time at Kaley’s Place was running out. He went 3 months without an adopter, with no one keen on taking the kitty home.

But this is a story with a happy end, so don’t feel bad for the fella.

Too Cute for Words

When he was just over 3 months old, Zeke was adopted by Nancy Lynch. His new mom believed that he was too cute for words. As soon as she got him home, she posted an album on Facebook snapping the kitty from different angles.

While hydrocephalus is a dangerous condition, Zeke got proper treatment before Nancy’s adoption. She was aware that he’ll need extra help and she does everything she can. Zeke’s obvious disability doesn’t hold him back at all. He’s just like other cats, jumping and hoping around while playing with them.

Nancy is the best thing that happened in Zeke’s life. He’s got all the love, care, and attention he needs, and we’re lucky that his story has a happy ending.