Experts Have Found a Way to Determine Whether Your Cat Loves You or Not

Everyone loves their cats. They can be amazing when they want to be. Cats love to snuggle with their humans and can be real sweethearts unless they’re mad for some reason. Unlike dogs, most cats have a love\hate relationship with their owners, and it’s quite hard to tell when their intentions are positive or negative.

As it turns out, experts have found a way to determine whether your cat loves you or not. If your cat does the things mentioned below, you’re on its fave list.

Belly Rubs

Does your cat always put its belly up for you? That’s an obvious sign of love. She won’t put herself in that position for just about anyone. When a pet cat lies on its back and allows you to rub it, you’re one of her favorite humans.

Brings You Gifts all the Time

Cats love bringing gifts to their favorite humans. It can be anything from a simple leaf to dead birds or mice, which is gross. If your cat does this, you can be sure it loves you to death.

Love Bites

Kittens often nibble on the fingers of their loved ones. These love bites are always playful and never painful, and they’re a true show of love.


Many people have been confused about the signal headbutts send. If your cat headbutts you often, don’t worry – it’s a sign of love.


Does your cat knead on you like dough? If it does, you can rest assured that they love you to the end of time.