Former Stray Cat Assumes Role of Mother to Orphaned Kittens

Rigby: The Exceptional Cat Who Became a Foster Parent

When Holly and her family adopted Rigby from an Oklahoma animal shelter six years ago, they had no idea they were bringing home a future hero. Originally, they intended for Rigby to simply be a companion for Canon, their other family cat.

A Fostering Journey Begins

Holly had a desire to do more for the feline community, so she took on the responsibility of fostering orphan kittens a year later. Little did she know, Rigby was going to play a significant role in this mission. One day, Rigby curiously entered the room where the foster kittens were kept. A heartwarming moment occurred—Rigby and the kittens snuggled up together. Before the day was over, Rigby had meticulously groomed each of the kittens from head to toe.

From that point onward, each time new kittens came into the home, Rigby assumed the role of a surrogate parent. Holly explained to Love Meow, “When the babies don’t have a mom, he will lie still while I drape bottles over his body to feed the orphans. It feels like they are nursing. He occasionally helps with their potty training too.”

The Intuitive Cat Caregiver

Rigby’s uncanny intuition made him the perfect caregiving partner. Even when a mother cat was present, he instinctively knew to give her the space she required, thus proving his keen understanding of what each kitten and their mothers needed.

When the kittens grew older and more playful, Rigby shifted gears. He knew it was time for fun and games, and yes, even occasionally sneaking some of their kitten food.

Holly has found Rigby to be an invaluable asset in assessing how well new foster cats would adapt to a home with another feline. “I’m able to test any foster cat on him to see if they’d get along with another cat,” she mentioned.

The kittens, for their part, absolutely adore Rigby. They relish the extra attention and love wrestling with his tail and ears. Once they’re all worn out, they find comfort and rest snuggled up beside him.

More than Just a Cat: Rigby, the Chief Babysitter

In conclusion, Rigby has wholeheartedly embraced his role as chief babysitter, gaining immense happiness from the time he spends with the kittens. His tale shows how extraordinary a seemingly ordinary shelter cat can be, demonstrating that sometimes heroes come with whiskers and a tail. Truly, Rigby is an exceptional cat.