From the Streets to Warm Sheets – a Kitten Survival Story

Some cats or kittens are saved from the streets by Good Samaritans, others aren’t so lucky. This story is about a lucky litter of four that went from the streets to a loving home.

The four kittens were spotted living on the street by two people who called the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Virginia. The tiny furballs would have died on the street and were picked up just at the right time. They needed a lot of food, love, and attention, and luckily for them, Penny Foster, a foster volunteer, had all of that on offer.

After a quick vet check up, it was discovered that the kittens were only three years old. They were malnourished so the rescue center needed to fill their bellies up. They were shy as expected first, and the first night was pretty rough for them. They couldn’t latch on bottles, yet were too small for solid foods.

Like a good mom, Penny stayed up with them all night. She made sure they get at least a few drops of milk. Day by day they ate more and more, and started putting on weight like the little champs they are.

They were named after bodies of water – River, Bayou, Beck, and Brook. They all have different personalities and love nothing more to spend time with their foster mom. It’s been a struggle at first, but after a few weeks, the kittens are doing pretty well. They love hanging out with other foster cats and are thriving in foster care.

We hope that they all find a loving forever home. With a bit of luck, someone will adopt the whole pack – we’d love to see that happen.