Gandalf the Rescue Cat is Excited for the Playhouse His New Mom Built Specifically for Him

Take a look at this cutie! Gandalf the cat is one of the most glorious we’ve seen recently. The 4-year old had a great home since he was a kitten, but unfortunately, his parents got divorced. Since no one liked the responsibility of caring for the cat alone, he was put up for adoption. Luckily, a woman living on the same street offered to take him in, and Gandalf had a new home quickly.

Without the stress of his old home, Gandalf loves spending days with his new mom. Named Melissa Losier, the woman knew perfectly what the kitty went through. Her parents also got divorced, and she wouldn’t let anyone else suffer like her.

A New Home and Playhouse

As soon as he moved into his new home, Gandalf loved being around his new mom. He loves the attention, and she loves giving ti. Losier even built him a special playhouse after finding a tutorial on how to build it on YouTube. She was curious if the cat will like it, but to her surprise, he loves spending time in it.

According to Losier, he’s a chill guy and has great manners, courtesy of his previous family. The kitty likes to cuddle and spend time chilling out in his new playhouse.

As soon as Melissa finished painting it, he was shocked and dazzled by it. We love the fact that he was rescued by a kind woman and wish him decades of enjoying life in the playhouse.