Guy Quits Job and Leaves Home to Travel Around the World with His Pet Cat

Tell us – are you happy with your job? Many people aren’t happy with their profession, but are staying put because of false security. Our jobs bring dinner to the table, and no one should mess with that. The only problem is that sometimes it’s not the job or pay that matters. All that stress a job causes can make your life a living hell.

Some people, like Rich East, decided to make a radical change in their life. Instead of working a 9 to 5 job he hated, he simply quit, left home, and decided to become a globetrotter with his pet cat. Rich and Willow have now been enjoying the sights and sounds of Australia since 2015, and he says he’s never been happier.

So far, the unlikely duo has visited 6 Aussie states and 2 territories. Willow has nothing to complain. She loves Rich’s company and the adventures. It may have been a drastic change, but Rich says he’d do it all over again.

Take a look of their adventures so far: