Hero Comrade Cat Saves Newborn Baby from the Harsh Russian Winter

Animals have a unique instinct – they can perceive when something’s not right. If you’ve ever doubted that, this story is going to change your mind.

It’s about a Russian cat called Masha who lives in a neighborhood in a freezing Russian city. As it’s cold for the most part of the year, Masha is allowed to stay inside buildings in the neighborhood where she also gets food. She’s always close by and loves the attention she gets from the residents.

Recently, she repaid that in the best way possible. One day, Masha heard faint cries coming from a box. Curious as any other cat, she went to investigate the source of the sound and found a baby in a cardboard box left in the freezing cold. She started meowing loudly to get the attention of the residents and luckily, they were able to find the baby and save it.

That wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Masha. The cat meowed at the top of her lungs to get the attention of residents and take them to the cellar. The boy was rushed to a hospital and was luckily in great health, although a bit cold.

It is now being looked after at a hospital in Moscow. Police has launched an investigation for the baby’s parents and are looking for answers on why would anyone leave a baby out in the freezing weather in a cardboard box.