How the Wheels Turn…a Survived Rescued Cat Becomes a Rescue Cat Herself

Russell the cat is a survivor from a house fire that was rescued a couple of years ago. When he was brought to the Animal Emergency Hospital & Urgent Care Center in North Carolina, he had 3rd degree burns all over his body. No one really thought he’ll survive the night, but the vets didn’t give up. Luckily, neither did Russell.

It took a lot of care, but Russell pulled through. During the process, he was helped every day by the staff at the rescue organizations, and even socialized with a baby deer! It helped him overcome the injuries, and as the staff learned, he loved being around other animals.

Russell loved giving companionship to others, and it really baffled the staff. Most cats are loners, but Russell loved being around other animals. The cat is still recovering two years after his injuries, but he has found a meaningful life in the clinic. With adoption impossible, he’s started a new life as a rescue cat himself.

He’s a rock star around the clinic, and the staff says he takes his job seriously. Vets gave this kitty a second chance, and he decided to use it in full. We’re so glad he did.