Internet, Meet Rexie, the Cat That Proves Nothing is Impossible

We get our fair share of disabled cats and their sad stories on the web day in and day out. This one is not that kind. It stars a disabled cat named Rexie that proves nothing is impossible. The tabby cat shows that anyone can overcome any obstacle with a bit of positive thinking.

A Hellish Life

Rexie lives with his mom Dasha Minaeva. When he was picked up by Dasha, he was extremely abused by the previous owners. It’s safe to say he lived in a kitty hell. Rexie had a broken backbone and no control over his back legs when Dasha found him. She bought him a special wheelchair, but Rexie insisted walking on his legs. Eventually, he got used to it, so he doesn’t use the special equipment.

While he’s severely handicapped and has had a hellish life, the cat doesn’t mind at all. He’s one of the most positive kittens we’ve seen and thanks to Dasha’s photo camera, the Internet can see it all. Rexie’s disability doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest and being the most positive cat on the Internet. He spreads his positivity online and we hope he inspires others to follow their dreams.

Nothing is impossible with a bit of a smile on your face. If you need some smiles today, these Rexie pictures will certainly cheer you up.