It’s Official – We Have the Cutest Animal in North America, and It’s a Cat

While the picture may deceive you, what you’re seeing is a cat. More specifically, it’s a ringtail cat, a member of the racoon family. This animal lives in West and Southwest America and is also known as a civet cat or bassarisk. When under danger, this cat releases a VERY foul odor from its anal glands – that’s its self-defense mechanism.

While the odor may be foul, the cat itself is very cute. The mid-sized cat resembles a mix of a racoon and fox. It has large ears similar to a fox and a bushy tail. If you’re wondering why it’s called ringtail, it’s because of those black rings on the tail fur.

A Shy Breed

These animals are a shy breed that won’t likely come close to humans. They are spotted much less than racoons and have the character of a cat. The ringtail cat is a carnivorous creature that eats frogs, lizards, birds, and snakes. They are effective hunters just like cats.

In the sea of wild creatures you can find in North America, we consider the ringtail cat the cutest. What do you think?