Kittens Are Saved from Certain Death, Now Jump with Joy in Their Loving New Home

We love it when we come across a story with a happy ending for poor kittens like the one in this article. A couple of months back, Laura Malone from Mini Cat Town received a call about a litter of kittens that needed help. There were three of them when she discovered the litter, and one dead to a devastating illness. If Laura didn’t receive that call, the others would have been dead for sure.

She named the poor kittens Ben, Kassandra, and Wayne and brought them back to the shelter. They were immediately inspected by the vets there and put on therapy right away. The kittens suffered from panleukopenia, a contagious disease that can kill tiny kittens such as them quickly. They were monitored 24/7 for signs of the disease, with everyone cautiously optimistic about their chances.

Laure held her breath every morning when she went to visit them. Day by day, they greeted her with purrs and love. She kept their bellies full and looked after them by the hour. After two weeks, the trio reached a milestone. They were finally out of the woods, with their weight back on track. No kitten showed symptoms of the illness, and Laura breathed a sigh of relief.

Now that they received the medical green light, their characters also began to emerge. They’re very energetic for such tiny kittens and seem ready for adoption. The dynamic trio is simply too cute to ignore, and Laura hopes to find a home for all three of them quickly.

Considering how cute they look in this gallery, we’re sure it won’t be a problem.