Junior the Cat Visits Church and Accept the Praise by the Worshippers

Junior is a great-looking cat that’s been roaming the streets of Atibaia (Brazil) for quite some time. The stray cat is well-known among the locals. A few months ago, Junior decided to leave the street life behind by entering a church and spending his time there.

No one at the São Sebastião Parish knows how he got there, but they don’t mind him. The cat simply decided that the church should be his new home and that was that.

He enjoys the worship and treats people bring every day and especially over the weekend. Sometimes, they sing praises to him, worshipping him as a deity. As you can see from the pics, he loves the attention he’s been getting.

During service, Junior roams the aisles looking for pets. He sometimes even jumps in the laps of people and goes for a nap. He does what he wants, and the parish certainly loves it.

Junior and the São Sebastião Parish have become a local attraction after the church shared a few pics online. Believers turned in thousands of comments, praising the congregation’s love and respect for the cat. It might be just a stray, but all animals are angels of God that deserve the love and attention Junior gets.