Kitten Abandoned in a Park Finds Cat Mom, Becomes a Velcro Kitty Who Clings to All

The Heartwarming Journey of a Clingy Kitten: From Park to Forever Home

Around two months ago, an adorable kitten, all alone and seemingly abandoned, was discovered in a park. Despite asking locals, the individual who found the little furball couldn’t locate its owner. Realizing the kitten had been left to fend for itself at just a week old, the finder promptly contacted their local animal rescue, Be Their Voice Animal Rescue.

Swift Rescue and an Instant Family

Aimee, a dedicated board member of the animal rescue, immediately sprang into action upon hearing the urgent request. Knowing that neonatal kittens require either a mother’s care or constant bottle-feeding, Aimee had the perfect solution. Just a few weeks before, she had welcomed a mother cat named Lucy and her litter of six into her home. Lucy, elated to swap her shelter life for a cozy residence, was a natural nurturer.


Hoping for a smooth integration, Aimee placed the little orphaned kitten, who was later named Rerun, with Lucy. Within mere seconds, Lucy embraced her new role, allowing Rerun to nurse alongside her own litter. Aimee supported Rerun’s growth with supplemental feeding, making sure he caught up in weight with his new siblings.

Rerun: The Velcro Kitty

Rerun was a snuggle magnet from the get-go. “After every feeding, he demanded cuddles,” Aimee recounted. He didn’t just stop at snuggling with Lucy; he’d climb over Aimee’s neck, wrap around her leg, or simply cuddle on her chest, holding onto her as if he knew she was his second chance at a nurturing home.


Although Rerun loved playing with his adopted siblings, he was particularly fond of human interaction. In the absence of his foster mom, Aimee, Rerun would gravitate towards the communal snuggle pile, always positioning himself as the center of attention.


The sweet kitten, now called Pita, never missed a chance to show love. When potential adopters came to meet the kitten crew, Pita sealed the deal by climbing into the adopter’s lap and purring incessantly until he fell asleep. This loving behavior made the choice easy for the adopter.

A New Chapter for Pita

Pita, formerly known as Rerun, has come a long way since his days as a lonely park orphan. He has transitioned from clinging onto Aimee to wrapping his paws around his new family, including his new brother Pickles. “Pita is exploring all the toys and beds with Pickles,” Aimee shared. It’s heartening to see how this clingy little furball found his forever home, all thanks to the tireless efforts of those willing to be his voice and provide him with the love he so deserved.

With a nurturing past and a promising future, Pita continues to be a snuggle enthusiast. It’s safe to say that this Velcro kitty has found his forever home, one cuddle at a time.