Kitten Born with a Rare Condition Bonds with Grandpa Cat After It Was Brought Back to Life

The kitten you can see on the pics below didn’t have an easy life. It was born with a rare and deadly condition, so its chances to survive were pretty slim. Saved by volunteers from the Alley Cat Project, the kitten was brought to the vets at the Seattle Area Feline Rescue center. It was estimated to be 6 months old, but was pretty tiny for cats his size.

His ears were folded, his wrists bent, and his legs too short. No one gave the tiny kitten more than a few weeks or months at max to live. However, with the help of his staff, he managed to thrive.

A Challenging Foster Kitten

Gaby Campoy from the Seattle Area Feline Rescue Center has seen all kinds of challenging fosters. Many didn’t survive, and many were feral. However, the moment she laid eye on this poor kitten, it was love at first sight. From the moment she saw him, Gaby decided to do everything for him to live.

After days of oxygen therapy, the kitten started breathing easier. It tried to play and showed encouraging signs of development. He started putting on weight and was very playful, just like a kitten his age should be. Gaby named him Teapot and loved spending time cuddling with him. She thought it would be a good idea for it to start socializing, and paired the kitten with a senior cat known as Grandpa.

Grandpa’s original name is Scarecrow, but he didn’t scare this kitten. As a matter of fact, they bonded right away and groomed him every day. In the meantime, Teapot’s results came in. He was diagnosed with congenital hypothyroidism, a very rare condition for cats.

He was immediately put on an appropriate therapy under the watchful eye of Grandpa. He never left Teapot’s side, and the kitten was delighted to find such a friend.

After 6 weeks, Gaby decided to officially adopt Teapot. He’s now living in a warm home and continues to play with his favorite Grandpa every day.