Kitten Found Stuck in a Drain Will Never Walk Alone After Being Rescued

Kittens are pretty adventurous when they open their eyes, and they can wander off in many directions. A few months ago, a volunteer named Erin from Wrenn Rescues in LA received a call about a kitten who had quite the adventure. The black and white cutie was exhausted and covered in slime and dirt after being found stuck in a drain.

Erin took the poor kitten in and realized that it was too small to eat. They had to insert a feeding tube to help it regain the energy it lost. After a few full bellies, the tiny tuxedo-like kitten showed its character. They named it Jojo and she began making strides the moment she was out of the woods.

It didn’t take long for Jojo to start gaining weight and playing around. After the tube feedings, the kitten was strong enough to eat on its own. It stayed at the shelter for a couple of days before it was medically clear. To make the transition easier, Erin gave her a faux momma cat with a heartbeat and a heat source.

Jojo found solace in it and never separated from the toy. After a while, it was time for the first meet and greet with other foster cats, and Jojo performed admirably. She ran around with them even if they showed the kitten tough love. Erin says that the kitten is silly, crazy, and oh-so-cuddly. She loves spending time with the cats, but also loves her humans.

It took only two months for the kitten to find a new loving home. She’s been a dream to foster, and she’ll surely be a dream for her new mom and dad.