Kitten is Nearly Dead After Swallowing a Needle that Pierces Her Skull

Cats are pretty curious creatures. We all know the saying curiosity killed the cat. It didn’t kill 14-week old Nala, but it surely came close.

The kitten was nearly blinded after surprisingly swallowing a metal needle that pierced through her skull. Her owners rushed her to a vet when they saw the shocking accident that nearly left Nala blind and would have killed her if it wasn’t for immediate medical help.

A Grisly Accident

The gruesome accident occurred in Nala’s home in Cambridge. The kitten found a two-inch needle on the ground and picked it up in her mouth. She swallowed it and it stuck back in her throat, piercing her skull through the palate. Her owners noticed that the cat is in agonizing pain, rushing her to a vet.

Immediate surgery was performed on Nala after x-ray scans showed the needle just inches from her eye socket. The four-hour procedure was a success. Vets removed the needle from Nala’s throat and say that if it wasn’t for the quick reaction, she would surely die.

It was a very unusual accident which required a lot of expertise from a veteran team of vets. The needle wasn’t visible from the mouth, so they had to use a camera to pinpoint its location. Luckily, everything went well, and Nala is now recovering nicely.

It’s a reminder to all cat owners not to leave anything around. Cats are very curious, and this curiosity might kill them in a freakish accident.