Kitten Poos on a Poor Girl That Absolutely Loses Her Mind

When we have to go to the bathroom, there’s no force strong enough to stop us. It’s the same with pets, except they don’t need to wait to get home – they can just pee and poor anywhere they want to. Recently, one cat decided to poop in the strangest place and the pics and video turned out a viral sensation.

Why Not Poop Here?

A couple of days ago a cat video made the rounds that got plenty of those laughing emoji impressions. A woman named Becky Hoefs posted a video of her daughter Elyse being pooped at by a cat. Yep, you read that right. The girl was in a car holding a new kitty in her lap, taking it to her new home. However, the cat then decided to poop straight on her t-shirt, making for a hilarious video.

Well, hilarious for us, but a very bad day for Elyse. Take a look at her and the cat’s face – it’s not hard to tell that Elyse is not impressed.