Kitten Saved from the Bottom of a Storm Now Lives with a Huge Foster Brother She Absolutely Loves

Not long ago, the Plano Animal Shelter in Texas received a distressed call about a kitten stuck at the bottom of a storm drain. It was a very hot day and the kitten didn’t have much time left. The people who found it couldn’t take it out by themselves. Luckily, Plano’s team arrived at the scene quickly, taking the kitten out of the storm drain quickly.

It was quite a difficult operation, but the kitten was saved in the end. It was brought to the shelter and named Pennywise. From the first vet exams, it was clear that Pennywise had a long road to recovery.

Great Foster Home

In order to speed up the recovery process, Pennywise was brought to Plano Animal’s own volunteer Mary.  Mary says that the kitten was limp, but she had help from the whole team to get fluids in her and get her to eat. Luckily, the kitten’s progress was racing day by day. In addition to the team, Mary had another helped – her dog named Sawyer.

Sawyer doesn’t like visitors a lot, but he loved Pennywise. He fell in love with the kitten the moment he laid eyes on him, and Pennywise returned the love. They have a great relationship, and Mary believes that it’s been key for Pennywise’s growth.

Here’s a video of the Pennywise rescue operation and her best bud Sawyer. It’ll melt your heart.