Kitten Saved from Death Row Finds a New Loving Family

The Remarkable Tale of Reggie: Saved by an Unlikely Furry Family

It’s not every day that you hear about a kitten being adopted by a dog and a one-eyed cat. Meet Reggie the tuxedo kitten, a fortunate little feline who was pulled from the brink of being euthanized in a New York City kill shelter. Kelly, a compassionate animal lover, stepped in just in time to foster Reggie through North Shore Animal League.

Described as incredibly sweet, Reggie quickly found solace in his new home.

When Furry Foster Parents Step In

As soon as Reggie arrived at Kelly’s place, he was immediately embraced by Suzie, a dog with a penchant for kittens. Suzie didn’t waste any time in adopting Reggie as her own, showcasing the protective instincts usually reserved for a mother. In a similar fashion, Kushi, a one-eyed cat already residing in the household, also welcomed him warmly. Within a matter of days, Reggie transformed from a helpless kitten on the verge of death to a beloved member of an eclectic but loving animal family.

From a Hoodie to a Forever Home: Reggie’s New Life

Reggie didn’t just find a family; he found comfort and belongings too. Quite literally, in fact! He’s claimed his human Kelly’s hoodie as his preferred napping spot. If it’s soft, it’s Reggie’s—that seems to be the unspoken rule in the house.

But more than material comforts, what Reggie found in his foster home was love in abundance. Suzie, ever the protective foster mom, watches over him diligently. Kushi, the one-eyed cat, finds immense joy in cuddling him. The feeling is mutual; Reggie feels safe, loved, and at home—something he had never known before.

The latest update on Reggie couldn’t be more heartwarming: he’s now the king of his own forever castle, surrounded by those who love him as much as he loves them.

In summary, Reggie’s life took a 180-degree turn, all thanks to his foster family comprising Kelly, Suzie, and Kushi. His story serves as an inspiring testament to the boundless love and acceptance animals and humans can offer one another.