Kitten Shows Up Outside a Home, Is Very Determined to Move In

Sometimes, pets know that the street life is not for them, and they’re willing to do everything to find a new home. That’s the story of Nuggie the kitten, a tiny poor soul that was on the streets of Detroit until a few months ago. The stray calico decided that it was too scary to live outside, and instantly wandered to one man’s home. It decided to just sit and meow on the porch until the owner took it in. Which he eventually did.

He reached out to the Detroit Community Cat Rescue center, and they were there within the hour. It was a very tiny kitten but the team was determined to help it grow big. After a vet checkup and some food and sleep, the fluffy kitten went to a foster home with a volunteer. It started a new chapter in its life in a warm and loving foster home, which helped the kitten make strides in development. Nuggie had a bit of health troubles in the first few weeks, but nothing she couldn’t overcome.

Thanks to the help of Rosebud, an older cat with plenty of foster experience, Nuggie truly blossomed. Thanks to the help of this cat and the loving people from the shelter, Nuggie will be on his way to a warm forever home pretty soon.