Kittens Found Squeaking in a Backyard, Now Embrace Daily Love and Care

The Heartwarming Tale of Squeak and Adele: Rescued and Loved

A Miraculous Discovery in the Backyard

The journey of Squeak and Adele, two adorable kittens, began in an unexpected place – a backyard. While a house was undergoing remodeling, a sharp-eared Good Samaritan heard distinct meows of distress. Their search led to a startling discovery: a tiny kitten, its voice hoarse from crying, and its sibling hiding near the bushes. Sadly, the mother cat was nowhere to be found. This marked the start of a new chapter for these furry little beings.

Rescued and Rejuvenated: The Transformation Journey

The kittens’ plight took a turn for the better when they were brought into the loving arms of Nashville Cat Rescue. There, they received round-the-clock care from a dedicated bottle feeder.

Becca and Nathan, foster volunteers at the rescue, recall, “They were filthy, covered in fleas and dirt. It took many baths to get them clean.” Named Squeak and Adele, these kittens blossomed under the care of their foster parents. Once able to eat independently, they continued their foster journey in the warmth of Becca and Nathan’s home.

The duo, affectionately termed ‘the snowballs’, displayed an endearing trait: they were instant cuddle enthusiasts. They found solace and comfort in the laps of their foster parents. Becca fondly remembers, “We often found them napping together on Nathan’s lap.” Despite their small size for their age and a penchant for comfort-nursing – a remnant of their early days without a mother – Squeak and Adele were in excellent health and loved socializing with other cats and people.

A Life of Love and Cuddles

Squeak and Adele’s journey is a testament to the power of love and care. These two felines, once helpless in a backyard, now thrive in a nurturing environment. They express their affection through their unique squeaking meows, with Squeak gravitating towards the foster mom and Adele showing a soft spot for the foster dad. Their personalities shine through – Squeak draping himself over surfaces and Adele curling up like a little ball.

The kittens enjoy a playful and adventurous life, often seen scampering around, playing fetch, and seeking snuggles. They’ve formed a special bond with Phil, their foster big brother, sharing many cozy moments together. Their story is a beautiful reminder of the resilience of animals and the impact of compassion.

From a dire situation in a backyard to a life filled with endless cuddles and warm laps, Squeak and Adele’s journey is truly inspiring.