Kittens Rescued from the Jaws of an 8.5 ft. Black Mamba

In today’s kitty news, a snake catcher managed to rescue a litter of kittens from sure death after an 8.5 ft. mamba tried to eat them. They would have been devoured for sure had it not been for the snake catcher. The black mamba is a highly venomous and dangerous snake native to southern Africa. While cats are not its usual game, the feast on rodents and kittens when they come across them.

The kittens were saved by Jason Arnold, a snake catcher from Durban. He was asked to remove a snake from a private property, and the whole thing was caught on video. Jason arrived with appropriate equipment while the snake was hiding in a gutter. It was close to a box of kittens that were in the same spot and nursing from their mother, but luckily, it didn’t find them. According to Jason, it’s a wonder that the snake hadn’t eaten them already.

He said that the kitties got lucky because the mamba is a very aggressive creature. He stroked the cats and thought of a plan to remove the snake away from the kittens. He got a ladder and broke in the gutter, then got the snake by its tail. The body was still stuck in the gutter, so Jason went to work. He managed to swiftly get a secure hold of its head, holding it safely so as not to get bitten.

He gently pulled the snake and it finally let loose. The man was very careful as he didn’t want to hurt the snake. Jason admitted that it’s a big snake at 8.5 ft., which isn’t surprising as black mambas can reach 14 ft. in size.

In the end, it all turned out for the kittens, and we’re glad this story had a happy ending.