This Cute Kittens Wears Socks to Protect His Chest While Running Around Like Crazy

Take a good luck at this cute kitten…yes, those are socks on his chest. They’ve been cut to size to protect his chest after it was brought in from the street to the Community Cat Club shelter in New Jersey. As soon as it was brought in, the kitten was diagnosed with a chest deformity that required special care. Still, it didn’t stop the kitten named Leroy to enjoy life to the fullest, running around like crazy.

No Defects Can Stop It

The official diagnosis of the chest malformation is pectus excavatum. This is a congenital deformity that can be confirmed by x-rays. Leroy’s condition was severe and the kitten required surgery. It was performed well and the first few days, Leroy wore a cast. He was obviously a fighter who won’t be let down.

Leroy got better in record time and he acted like nothing happened. He now has a chest plate that can help his chest develop properly and goes for a vet checkup each week. To keep his chest warm, the staff at the shelter cut a sock to size, and it fits him perfectly. If you ask us, it fits him better than anything else would.

Enjoy this album of this great fighter: