Kittens with Crooked Legs Gets Proper Casts So It Can Grow Strong and Healthy

Just like us, some kittens need medical help to grow strong. Recently, rescuers found a litter of 6 kittens on the streets of Los Angeles. They named them Malbec, Burgundy, Pinot, Chanti, Merlot, and Cabernet. They were just 3 weeks old when they were saved, and after they were checked by a vet, it was determined that their legs were crooked. The kittens needed help and were sent to a special joint and bone animal hospital in Culver City.

The official diagnosis for their condition is carpal laxity syndrome. It’s a rare bone condition usually seen in puppies. While there’s no clear cause for the disorder, there is a ‘cure’. The kittens required casts for their legs to grow properly and luckily for them they got them.

Their legs should grow fine now, but they will need regular checkups. The good news is that the kittens are very playful and sweet. The staff at the animal shelter would like to take the casts off ASAP and hope that the kittens’ legs grow strong.