Someone Writes Letter To Their ‘Unfriendly’ Cat Exposing Her Sweet Side To The Whole Internet

Only the sky is the limit when it comes to cat owners’ love of their pets. They are our best friends, and even though they can be a bit weird sometimes, you can be sure they love us as well.

Of course, love hurts sometimes. Cats don’t like cuddles all the time, and if you go too easy on them, they will find a way to make good use of it. This is why many people choose not to express their feelings for their cat. But not this redditor! Recently, a Reddit user wrote an open letter to his cat Audrey which perfectly sums up how most of us feel for our cats.

As soon as it was posted, the letter went viral. Hundreds of comments were pouring in by the minute, giving support to the redditor. We loved the letter and are sure that Audrey loves her human back – she just has a hard time expressing it.

What would you write to your cat?