Lonely and Overlooked Black Shelter Cat Gets a Lot of Love

Some cats are unrightfully overlooked in shelters around the world. Many people don’t like black cats, and others avoid getting older cats. Of course, they all deserve some love, and luckily, some people have a lot of heart to give.

Recently there was a story about a 10-year old cat who was brought to a Blue Cross shelter after his owner changed locations. Day after day, it was getting clear that the poor cat won’t ever be adopted. Two adoptions fell through for nonsensical reasons, and the charity organization was praying they find a home for the poor kitty.

Billy had to endure it all just because people think bad cats bring bad luck. Plus, he’s 10 years old too – who would love that combo? Well, luckily, one woman from Hampshire saw Blue Cross’ post online about Billy and arranged for a meet. As soon as she saw him it was a clear move. Billy found a new home on Valentine’s Day, so how could anybody not believe in the power of love.

We’re glad that there are still people with a big heart in this heartless world, and wish Billy all the best.