Man Comes Back from Home and Finds Intruder in His Bed

Hayden Winter came back from work a few days ago and to his surprise, there was an intruder in his bed. Not the kind of intruder you see every day, however. He was planning on going straight to bed after dinner and when he went to his bedroom to change clothes, he found a cat named Fezgin enjoying a bit of rest. He recognized it from the Istanbul streets where Fezgin is nothing short of a legend.

As Winter says, Istanbul is literally a city of cats and dogs. They might be homeless, but you don’t need to worry about them – they’re well fed and considered a part of the community. That’s how it’s always been in Istanbul and we hope other cities share the sentiment.

Back to the topic – this wasn’t the first time Fezgin has snaked into Hayden’s home. She’s never been in his bed, however. As he explains, she can be mischievous, but is always playful. Winter shared pics of the cat in his bed online where they instantly went viral.

While the cat didn’t stay overnight, Hayden allows her to sleep in his home from time to time. She always comes back, and as he says, she’s always the boss. Like all cats in Istanbul.