Meet Honey Bee, the Cat that Loves Going Hiking with Her Humans

Every cat deserves a shot at a normal life. Immoral people leave disabled kittens to die, most commonly blind cats. However, if you give them a chance, these kittens will show you that they’re just like the others.

Take Honey Bee for example. She’s a blind cat that doesn’t let her disability ruin her life. She loves going on adventures, especially when it comes to hiking with her humans.

Her Blindness Isn’t an Obstacle

You would think that a blind cat would never have a chance to go hiking, but that’s not Honey Bee’s case. She rides on her humans’ shoulders when they go on long walks. Whenever they’re hiking, and they do it often, Honey Bee tags along riding on her human’s shoulder.

And she loves the time spent in nature. She loves discovering the world around her even blind. Luckily, she’s quite aware of the environment around her, so she can come close to edges without falling down.

Here’s a video of Honey Bee on her latest hiking trip: