Meet Maisey, the Cat That Looks Constantly Embarrassed When It’s Not in Any Trouble

The Internet has seen its fair share of cats. Legends such as the Grumpy Cat may be gone, but they will always live in our hearts. We firmly believe that new cats will take the place of legends, and it may all start with Maisey the cat.

We’ve seen grumpy, angry, and happy cats, but what’s the last time you saw a constantly embarrassed cat? Well, here comes Maisey to save the day.  The cute Scottish Fold kitten looks like it did something wrong all the time, but in reality, she’s a doll. Her big eyes give off the wrong impression and took over the Internet as soon as the kitten was posted by her mom on Facebook.

Maisey lives with her mom in California. She recently became an Internet sensation after photos of her huge eyes made the rounds on the Internet. She’s quite the looker, you must agree. Compare her photos to any other Scottish Fold and we’re sure Maisey will win.

Check out pics of this cute and embarrassed kitten, but be careful – they can melt your heart right away!

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