Meet Monty, a Cat with an Unusual Face and a Heart as Big As a Mountain

World, meet Monty. Monty is a cat that lives in Copenhagen and stands out with its unusual face. He was born without a nasal bridge bone which is the reason for his unusual mug. It’s a chromosomal ability that can’t be fixed, so Monty will spend the rest of his days with some issues. He has breathing issues and sneezes more than other cats, but otherwise, he’s got a normal cat character and a heart as big as a mountain.

While not many people are willing to adopt a cat with a disability, Monty’s family loves him. They find him very cute and we can agree that he has a memorable and adorable face.

A 3-Year Old Adoptee

Monty has 3 years and was just adopted from an animal shelter. He was born like that and requires special treatment and attention. His family doesn’t mind that at all. They find him cute and adorable and love his sneezes.

He has a personality like any other cat and is as rare as a diamond. Monty is proof that all cats can be loved, even those with disabilities. Looks don’t matter people! It’s the character that counts.