Meet the Cat with the Chubbiest and Fluffiest Cheeks We’ve Ever Seen

Who doesn’t love seeing fluffy cats? It’s even better if they’re chubby too. A pic like that can make our day and everyone who takes a look at it. If you need to see one right now, Fen Fen comes to the rescue.

He’s a rare Exotic Shorthair cat that’s won over the Internet in just a few days. The cat comes from Shanghai and has the chubbiest cheeks we’ve ever seen on a feline.

We don’t know why his cheeks are so big, but we love them. Of course, the Internet loved them too as soon as Fen Fen’s owner shared pics of the cat online.

While he certainly looks cute, feline obesity is a big problem that can lead to a host of health problems. It’s been linked to diabetes and premature death in cats, and we hope that his owner knows that.

But that doesn’t diminish the fact that he’s cute. We just can’t stop looking at those fluffy and chubby cheeks. Can you?