Meet the Gentlest Cat in the World and His Cute Squirrel Brother

Who says that cats are cold and heartless? While we admit they don’t always get well with other animals, some cats can live with just about anyone. We’ve seen many cats and dogs live together, but what about a cat and a squirrel?

One day in 2017, a squirrel came in a pair’s (Mel and Will) yard. It was obviously running away from 2 rabid squirrels, so Will decided to help it off the tree. The squirrel was in bad shape and was looking quite lifeless. The tiny fella just scooped up in Will’s palm, grateful for the protection he offered. After a trip to the vet, Mel and Will decided to bring the squirrel home and take care for it. He was running around fast in just a short time, and he also made a new friend.

The Unlikeliest Friendship

Mel and Will weren’t looking for a new pet. They already had Jack the cat, and weren’t sure how they’ll get along. They named the squirrel Tommy and decided to show it to Jack. Jack was very anxious to meet his new bud, being all affectionate about him. Jack is a sweet and mellow cat, so he hit it off well with the bit-of-afraid squirrel pretty fast.

Will says that Jack is a gem and not your typical cat. Unlike others, he’s very gentle, especially when around his buddy. The gang is now all living together, enjoying the antics of the new best buds. Who says cats don’t make nice with others?