A Super-Trained Navy Engineer Dismantles Car After Hearing Faint Kitten Cries Coming from It

Some of the things we do for cats is insane. When it gets cold outside, they often like to enter car engines or empty compartments, which usually has a tragic outcome. But, not when a Navy engineer is around. Adam Hughes is a RNAS vet who was leaving work when he spotted a kitten at the edge of the airfield.

He tried picking the tabby up, but scared, it went into a parked car and jumped into the engine compartment. He knew getting it out was going to be a problem, but was happy to do it. After tracking the owner and getting his approval, he set out to work – dismantling the car to save the trapped kitten.

Incredible Feat

When Adam spotted the kitten it was limping a bit. When it saw him and two of his pals approaching, it jumped into the engine. They looked where it might have gone with their phone torches, but it was nowhere to be found. Adam knew that getting it out could be troublesome, and immediately went to the owner who gave him permission to take the kitten out by all means.

He started dismantling parts of the car where he could hear faint meows. After a lot of work, the kitten was finally found between the liner and the wheel arch. Of course, he assembled the car parts back on later, but not before calling the Cats Protection Cornwall Adoption Center. He adopted a cat from the shelter 11 years ago, and it just passed away a day ago.

The kitten had a broken leg and needed medical attention. After a thorough check-up, the vets determined amputation was the best way to go. It is now making a fast recovery, and has Mr. Hughes to thank for its life. Here’s hoping it finds a loving home.