Abandoned and Pregnant Under a Porch: How Nessie’s Life Transformed Overnight

Struggles under the Porch

Two weeks ago, a wandering cat named Nessie found herself in a precarious situation. Abandoned by her owner, the pregnant cat took refuge under a porch. Karly and Katelyn Saltarski, founders of Salty Animal Rescue, learned of her plight. “The story we got was a saddening one. The cat’s owner faced eviction, and Nessie was thrown into the harsh realities of the street,” Karly remarked.


With three kittens to feed in a less-than-ideal location, the mother cat was struggling. However, a compassionate neighbor noticed and took the initiative to care for the feline family. “This good Samaritan had been providing food for Nessie and her kittens, and thanks to their efforts, we were able to bring them in,” Katelyn shared.


Upon their rescue, the family of four demonstrated a mix of fear and relief. Initially, they clung together in their new, unfamiliar environment. But it wasn’t long before they began showing signs of trust and comfort.

A New Beginning for Nessie

Nessie, understanding she was finally in a safe space, became more active. Her explorations around the room were marked with curiosity, and soon, she found comfort in human companionship. Eager for affection, she’d nudge hands for petting, purring louder with each stroke. “Seeing Nessie transition from a wary, scared cat to this loving creature has been truly heartwarming,” Karly expressed.

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As the days progressed, Nessie started spending less time around her kittens, signaling she was ready to leave motherhood behind. “She’s shown interest in other cats and is adapting quite well. Nessie truly is a dream cat,” the rescue team confirmed.

Journey of the Three Kittens

The kittens, named Yeti, Gryphon, and Siren, have a slightly different journey. A tad timid by nature, they required more time and patience. Regular cuddle sessions and “kisses for hisses” have played a key role in their socialization process.

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Though still shy, they’re gradually learning to trust. They find solace in each other’s company, especially Gryphon and Yeti, who are inseparable. Siren often joins them, seeking warmth and reassurance from her brothers.

Siren, Yeti and Gryphon

Nessie’s Desire for a Forever Home

Having entrusted her kittens to the volunteers at the rescue, Nessie seems keen on embarking on a new chapter of her life. The streets and the struggles beneath the porch are behind her. Now, she’s all about following her human companions, basking in their attention, and of course, seeking the coziest lounging spots around the house.

She’s come a long way from being a vulnerable stray. Nessie’s now on a path to becoming a cherished family member, eagerly awaiting a forever home where she can truly be a spoiled house cat.