An Older Cat Loves Watching Movies with Her Mom, Begs Her for Movie Night All the Time

We love going to the movies or watching them on Netflix and similar apps, but that’s not something cats do regularly. Sure, they can stare at the TV when a cartoon is on, but they’re not actually big on movies. Well, at least not all cats are.

Meet Ella, the cat who loves watching TV. She was recently adopted by a couple who didn’t know if they should get a cat or a dog. Emily, Ella’s mom, was a dog person, while her husband preferred cats. They went to a shelter to adopt a pet and got Ella, but in the beginning, Emily didn’t feel a connection between her and the kitty.

That would all change soon.

Loves Watching Movies

Ella is a senior cat who loves spending time with her humans. Even though Emily didn’t connect with her at once, they soon became best buds. The fact that the cat loves watching movies with Emily surely helped strengthen their bond.

Emily first noticed how much her cat loves movies while watching The Grinch. Ella snuck next to Emily and watched the full movie. The woman thought that it was a one-time event, but from then on, the cat would just come to Emily whenever she’s watching a movie. It became a ritual of theirs, with Ella meowing each evening, asking her mom for a new movie. It brought them closer together and made them inseparable buds.

You can watch a video of Ella and Emily’s moviegoing adventures below. It’s the best thing you’ll see on the Internet today.