Pixar Released a Short Film About a Stray Cat Befriending an Abused Pit Bull

Obviously, the company called Pixar has an extremely impressive track record for making us cry, however, it has truly outdone itself this time with Kitbull.

This brand new film, which is a production of Pixar’s new SparkShorts program, shares the tear-jerking story of a very “unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures” under dire circumstances. A fiercely independent stray kitten happens upon an abused Pit Bull, and as director Rosana Sullivan explained, “together, they experience friendship for the first time.”

The film itself is simple and sweet, however, through a few key scenes, it also makes a huge and powerful statement about the treatment of animals. This new film may in fact open up even more meaningful conversations about the bad reputation of Pit Bulls being an aggressive and dangerous breed.

By the end of the nine-minute video, you’ll most definitely find yourself wiping the tears our of your eyes. Have a sneak peek on us just below!