Poor Cat Found Sleeping Outside a House Dreaming of a Warm Home

It’s really tough for a stray outside. The harsh weather conditions, immoral people, and even other animals can make life hard for a stray cat. These poor creatures dream of having a warm and loving home, yet some aren’t that lucky.

That’s not the case with the Florida cat found wandering outside houses just a few months ago. The poor cat was sleeping on the porch of a mobile park home in West Palm Beach and caught the attention of Carmen Weinberg, an animal rescuer. The neighbor had been caring for a few strays living in the area, and needed assistance to get them to safety. The little tabby was sleeping on the porch and probably dreaming of a warm home when Carmen arrived.

A Happy Ending

Seeing the gray tabby like that really broke Carmen’s heart. She was quite friendly when she saw her. The neighbor said that it would be OK for Carmen to find the tabby a new home. She immediately got in touch with the rescue community. The Adopt a Cat foundation saw the plea for help and offered assistance.

The poor kitty just wanted to be held and loved. She purred all the time Carmen had her in her arms. After a vet check-up revealed no serious health problems, the cat was put up for adoption. They named her Milly and she quickly became a staff favorite at Adopt a Cat. Milly loves nothing more than to cuddle all day long and play with her toys. Considering that she spent all her life on the streets, we’re happy she’s that playful.

The former stray will never have to worry about food or shelter again. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that she finds a new home soon that will give her the warmth she needs.